Texas 70.3 2017

Swim (1.2 miles)- 24:44 (pace- 1:16/100m) Bike (56 miles)- 2:16:43 (pace- 24.6mph) Run (13.1 miles)- 1:31:16 (pace- 6:58/mile)  PRE-RACE Going into the race I wasn’t any more nervous than any other race. I knew I did the work and the race plan was doable. I was just pumped to be in Texas walking around in the sun … More Texas 70.3 2017


Swim (2.4 miles)- 48:10 (pace- 1:14/100m) Bike (112 miles)- 5:13:28 (pace- 21.4 mph) Run (26.2 miles)- 4:27:48 (pace- 10:13/mile)   First off, I could not have asked for better race-day weather, a better city (my own), and a better support crew. Seriously- thank you to everyone that came out supported, it means more than I can explain. This … More IRONMAN WISCONSIN 2016

Milkman 70.3 2016

Swim (1.2 miles)- 24:57 (pace- 1:17/100m) Bike (56 miles)- 2:34:26 (pace- 21.8 mph) Run (13.1 miles)- 1:39:28 (pace- 7:36/mile) Don’t even know where to start with this one… I was pumped to have the whole family in town for Father’s Day and for the hopes of throwing down a solid race. Sorry I missed the wedding Drell’s and … More Milkman 70.3 2016